Developer of Smart Glasses Raised $30M from Investors

December 15, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Soladigm Inc, a developer of green building materials that includes “smart glasses”, raised about $30 million in series C investment from DBL Investors, General Eectronic Co, Nano Dimension, and other existing investors—Sigma Partners and  Khosla Ventures.

Developer of Smart Glasses Raised $30M from Investors

The third round of funding will allow Solidigm to launch and build high-volume commercial businesses and develop marketing and sales channels.

Inline with the recent financing, DBL’s Managing Partner, Cynthia Ringo, has joined the board of directors at Solidigm.

The company is a known developer of smart glasses for green buildings. Smart glasses can automatically change from clear to tinted on demand or in response to changes in temperature or light.

Windows on green buildings that use smart glasses, which uses “electro-chromic” technology, can help building operators and owners to reduce their lighting and cooling cost, energy consumption, and heat.

According to Solidigm’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rao Mulpuri, the company has a mission to bring high-quality smart glasses or Dynamic Glass for an affordable price to the green building market, which can reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Mulpuri also said the company is honored for its partnership with General Electronic and from other financial partners, and is looking forward for more advancement in building technology.

General Electronics’ investment is part of its $200 million Challenge—GE Energy Financial Services, which included Solidigm for its smart glasses innovation. According to GE, the company’s window technology is impressive.

Solidigm’s smart glasses reduces HVAC energy usages for about 25 percent, and peak load in commercial building for 30 percent.

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