Design-build Contractor Reached 1M Man-hrs with No Lost Time Injury

November 17, 2010 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

One of Western Canada’s top construction companies, FWS Group of Companies, a design-build contractor recently completed one million person hours with no single missing time injury. FWS Group, a design-build contractor is also a Winnipeg-based multi-faceted company  that specializes in construction services in the entire country for, industrial processing, agriculture, seniors housing sectors, commercial real estate, and mining.

Design-build Contractor Reached 1M Man-hrs with No Lost Time Injury

According to FWS Group’s President and CEO Rick Chale, the design-group contractor is remarkably proud of its recent accomplishment for its mirrors the company’s commitment to prevent lost time for its clients and to the safety of the company’s safety.

Chale also said that the design-build contractor achievement can be considered as a milestone considering the company’s numerous rigorous commercial and industrial working sites, which can be extremely dangerous and the possibility for accidents.

FWS revamped its health and safety program back in 2003, which makes its working sites safer to work on and making the company’s workers accountable for safety on the construction site.

The design-build contractor also created a Safety Department that is dedicated to conduct specialized safety training, designate site safety specialists, and is continuously reviewing safety policies and procedures.

The company’s commitment to the safety of its workers ensures its clients a continuous construction working-hours, without interference and delays caused by job-site accidents.

According to a statement from the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba’s Executive Director Sean Scott, the association congratulates the design-build contractor for its recent milestone and important accomplishment.

The design-build contractor is a part of Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations, and is associated with the Workplace Safety & Health Branch and the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.

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