Deltek Systems and CA Inc Leased a Brandywine’s Commercial Office Building

November 16, 2010 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Deltek Systems, a primary provider of enterprise app software and CA, Inc, an IT management solutions and software company leases a total of 227,962 square feet of commercial office building at Wood Oak Drive. The commercial office building, Wood Oak Drive is a property of Brandywine Realty Trust, and is situated in the town of Herndon, Virginia.

Deltek Systems and CA Inc Leased a Brandywine’s Commercial Office Building

Three of Brandywine’s commercial office building are already leased by Deltek Systems, but it needs a much bigger space as the company grows. Deltek will relocate at Wood Oak Drive and will occupy the 157,911 square feet of the property.

CA, Inc on the other hand will occupy 70,051 square feet Wood Oak Drive, which is the same building. Together, both companies will occupy a total of the 230,389 square foot commercial office building, and will make it 99 per cent leased.

According to Brandywine Realty Trust’s Senior Managing Director and Executive Vice President Bob Wiberg, the company is pleased to finish the two companies’ deals for the lease transactions, and to continue with the companies’ previous business relations.

Wiberg also said the commercial office building’s design is ideal and fitting for the two companies’ needs.

The property has an efficient design and is near to a Toll Road.

CA, Inc renewed its lease the commercial office building for 10.5 years, while Deltek Systems had a renewed 10.75 year lease for the same building. CA was represented by Jay Farmer from Jones Lang Salle and Deltek with Robb Johnson at Skip Orr for the commercial office building’s leasing transaction.

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