DayStar Hotel Group Launches Condo Hotels—Oceans by DayStar

October 27, 2010 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

DayStar Hotel Group recently launched its new brand of Condo Hotels under the banner Oceans by DayStar. DayStar Hotel Group in Jaco Beach is a part of DayStar Properties in Costa Rica. This tactical re-branding of DayStar Properties’ condo hotels as OCEANS by DayStar does not simply positions the company as the biggest Condo Hotels in Costa Rica’s commercial real estate market, but it will also lift-up the outline of DayStar’s associate properties internationally.

DayStar Hotel Group Launches Condo Hotels—Oceans by DayStar

DayStar Hotel Group is granting the revenue, marketing, and management systems, as well as other expertise and e-marketing developments that are necessary for its brand of condo hotels and for the hospitality industry, especially when there are countless hotels that were under pressure with today’s fragile occupancy rates, which is because of the global financial recession that is affecting the tourism industry worldwide.

The Vice President of Daystar Product Development and Rentals Faith Mulvihill said that the restructuring of the company, and the launching of its Oceans brand-name condo hotels will present DayStar properties with the expertise and resources required to grow in today’s leisure and hospitality industry.

DayStar Properties is one of the leading developers of Costa Rica’s luxury holiday condominiums, which is popular for its excellent expansions. The company offers full service accommodations to its vacation guest and home owners, and DayStar Hotel Group gives services for hotels in the Caribbean, US, and Latin America markets.

OCEANS Bahia Azul, OCEANS Diamante Del Sol Phase 1 and 2, OCEANS at The Palms, and OCEANS Paloma Blanca are the five beachfront condo hotels completed by DayStar Properties since 2005.

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