County Upgrades Old Ordinances with Sustainable Practices

February 11, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A county located in the northern part of Illinois, Will County is continuing to upgrade its zoning and building ordinances to conform to the current standard of sustainable practices. According to Executive Larry Walsh of Will County, the county continues to lead and implement current sustainable practices within Illinois. In the state of California, all new buildings whether commercial or residential must now be extra environmentally responsible to promote sustainability and green initiatives.

County Upgrades Old Ordinances with Sustainable Practices

The construction for new buildings is under provisions of California’s Green Building Standards Code, which will take effect on January 1, 2011. The new code, CALGREEN, is said to be the first green building code in the U.S — statewide.

In January 2011, officials on Will County passed a resolution that authorized the county executive to carry out a contract to update and integrate sustainable practices on its ordinances with Duncan Associates — an planning consulting firm that specializes in land development regulations, special studies, and impact fees.

Will County Land Use Department’s director Curt Paddock said, it is time to review and update the county’s zoning and building ordinances because it has not been revised and updated since 1978.

The county received a grant from the United States Department of Energy, Paddock said, which allowed the county to address the updates of its ordinances, and to integrate the best sustainable practices into the county.

According to a report, the county’s new ordinances will offer incentives for business companies in the area who will adopt sustainable practices on their companies.

The county receives about $3 million from the U.S Department of Energy for fund the updates of the ordinances and some green initiatives.

A 14-month period is set to update and integrate sustainable practices into the county’s ordinances.

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