Council Homes Built Green by Gov. Housing Program

February 02, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Construction on 17 new council homes that have green sustainable designs has begun in Crook, a market town in County Durham, England. The new council homes are said to generate and save their own energy, which will reduce about 15 percent of carbon dioxide emissions compared to the residential units they had replaced. Dale and Valley Homes is the homebuilder for the housing project, and will build two and three bedroom homes in the area.

Council Homes Built Green by Gov. Housing Program

Each of the council homes will be equipped with energy producing solar energy panels that will feed the home’s unused energy back to the national grid, which will help subsidize electricity bills.

The chairman for Dale and Valley Homes, Leonora Pattinson said, the families who will be moving after the council home’ completion are very fortunate because they will benefit from a lesser energy and water bills for years from the installed sustainable systems.

The council homes are Durham County Council’s last series of inexpensive housing development, which is also supported by Dale and Valley homes.

According to the investment and regeneration manager at HCA, the council homes in Crook will be among the greenest community across the country that has cheaper operational costs.

HCA is also building affordable housing project for older people at Park Avenue Close, and new homes development in High Pittington, Croxdale, Bowburn, Bearpark.

Councilor Clive Robson said, the council is coming to an end for its affordable housing program.

The council homes is one of the area’s first receivers of the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes, Level 4— a significant step towards green living in the country.

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