Consumers’ Green Certification Survey in Asia Pacific

January 13, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A survey commissioned by Tüv Süd Asia-Pacific, a certification and testing service consultancy about green certification towards “green” products, services and sustainability was done recently in China, India, and Singapore. The survey about green certification was conducted between November and December 2010 and then unveiled on a media briefing on Tuesday.

Consumers’ Green Certification Survey in Asia Pacific

The green certification survey was done to compare consumer and corporate attitude towards green services and products, as well as sustainability certifications across three markets: clothing and footwear, food and beverage, and home electronics.

The industry markets were chosen because they have major force regarding consumer buying-decision, according to CEO of Tüv Süd Asia-Pacific, Ishan Palit, who also represented the findings.

According to the survey, 84% of consumers in the three counties said they were ready to pay about 27 percent more on regular to buy and promote green certification and green-certified services and products.

But, most businesses were expecting only 43 percent of consumers to actually buy and promote the green certification, and paying only up to 14 percent more for green-certified services and products, as well as promoting sustainability.

And also, a products green certification’s credentials were also taken to account or a major consumer buying-decision factor across all three countries.

About 96 percent of survey respondent in India said that independent green product certifications were significant factors in choosing which green product to buy, followed by 94 percent in China, and about 90 percent in Singapore.

The survey also established that about 49 percent of consumers across three countries are aware of green certification, compared to only about 35 percent of coporations.

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