Consider Marketing Your Home to International Buyers

July 19, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Marketing your home to International buyers may be a smart move at this time. Why market to one country when there are potential buyers all over the world? U.S. real estate investments are now considered a safe place for foreign money.

Consider Marketing Your Home to International Buyers

The first step towards doing so is to connect with a real estate broker who knows the foreign market. You may have a specific country in mind. Find a Realtor who is familiar with the market in that country. Foreign buyers will not find your property easily. They must learn about it from someone. If your property is the type a buyer from Japan, for one example, is looking for and yours is brought to his attention, it is an opportunity for both parties.

Find a broker who advertises in foreign countries. Some may offer a virtual tour on their website. There is activity in the International market for sellers in the U.S. You simply must find a good way to let them know your property is available.

Photos of the exterior and all rooms in the interior are crucial. Video is even better. Pictures and descriptions of the neighborhood as well as the yard are a useful addition to the ads. Since most of the foreign buyers will close a deal sight unseen, these things are mandatory to allow them to get a feel for the property.

There are websites that focus on the possibility of selling to a foreign buyer. Websites such as is used by agents targeting potential buyers from other countries as well as on the national level in the U.S. Pictures and lots of information added to the listing are excellent ways to attract interest.

One favorable fact about foreign buyers is that while they will not necessarily pay more for a property, they often pay cash rather than using financing. This promotes speed in facilitating a closing. The real estate broker will target countries where the economy is good and the money is available.

There are trends that a real estate broker is familiar with. For example, buyers from Mexico favor the Southwest and Europeans the East Coast. Florida has the largest number of foreign buyers, many from Canada.

International buyers who live outside the United States invested more than $41 billion in the U.S. housing market within the last year. In addition, $41 billion more was spent by buyers who became new residents in that time period. The average price of a house sold to this market was $315,000 in 2011.

As you can see, the foreign market is one well-worth advertising in.

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