Condominium Complex’s Unexpected Water Bill Increase

January 04, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Kingman Acres Village, a condominium complex in Stuart, the only city in Martin County, Florida, is having a problem with its December 2010’s water bill. The condominium complex’s latest bill showed a nearly 70% increase compared to its previous water bill charges due to a software malfunction. The change was immediately noticed by the president of Kingman Acres Village IIA, Cheryl Ferrari.

Condominium Complex’s Unexpected Water Bill Increase

The condominium complex is located at U.S. 1 between Glenwood Drive and Southeast Monterey Road. It was divided into three corporations but is billed collectively under a master bill from Stuart city.

The portion of the monthly water bill, according to the condominium complex’s accountant increased to $2,196 from its average monthly charge of $1,278 in November 2010, and has got her wondering where the added money is going.

The accountant has no idea for the reason of the unexpected increase of the condominium complex’s water bill because, according to her, their water consumption is still the same.

But, according to Stuart’s public works office, the glitch was the result of the newly installed hardware on the building’s water meter, which will allow water charges’ reading to be radioed directly to the city’s computer software that is used to supervise the system.

Nick Corey from the city water department said only Kingman Acres gave a misread issue to date in the city.

The director for city public works, Sam Amerson said they are installing new device on the water meter to read it electronically, and found out that there is a compatibility error with the existing software in the condominium complex, but new bills will be out after the holidays.

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