Citibank Daily Mortgage Rates Update

September 27, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Citibank has some exceptional deals to offer across many of its mortgage products today, most of which are continuing to remain around the all time record low levels recorded over recent weeks.

Citibank Daily Mortgage Rates Update

For those looking to take out a loan to purchase a home, 30 year fixed rate deals are today being advertised for 4.125% which equates to an APR of 4.426%, while the popular 15 year term is now being offered for 3.375% with a resulting APR of 3.670% – which is exactly the same as yesterday.

For those looking to save a small fortune by refinancing their current terms, now is indeed the time at Citibank, with 30 year fixed loan deals for refinance being offered today for 4.125% with an APR of 4.426%. Those looking for a 5 year fixed term refinance to pay off their balance earlier can today find theirs for 3.375% with a resulting APR of 3.670%.

Just at the time when a little positive news is exactly what the US would have liked to hear regarding the housing market, results for August have once again displayed a marked decrease in the number of new home sales compared to the previous month. While interest in refinances has seen all time record booms throughout recent months, the home sales needed to drive the economy are continuing to dwindle and struggle with little signs of springing back to life in the near future.

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