Charitable Donation Saved Homeowners from Foreclosure

March 03, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Homeowners facing foreclosures can now sigh in relief as a charitable foundation will be donating funds to help them avoid foreclosing their homes to lenders. Recently, KS Publications, Inc — provider educational resources ranging from children’s activity to law books, has announced that H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation will be donating funds for homeowners who are threatened to loose their homes to lenders.

Charitable Donation Saved Homeowners from Foreclosure

Another donation for the housing cause is given to a Manchester and Concord-based nonprofit from BAE Systems in Merrimack — a global company. But unlike the H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation, BAE will be donating for FIT’s services and housing for the homeless.

H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation, according to a report is founded by author Roccy DeFrancesco — trainer of advanced concepts in the field of insurance, financial, mortgage, legal and accounting.

All of the authors sales or profits from the book H.E.A.P.™ or The Home Equity Acceleration Plan, as well as its associated services and products, will be pledge to the foundation to help homeowners across the United States.

There are about 2.2 million homes in the country that are in foreclosure.

The book, The Home Equity Acceleration Plan, is about teaching homeowners on how to save thousands of dollars using the his H.E.A.P.™ concept — saving thousands of dollar in interest costs by paying off their house’s mortgage five to fifteen or more years.

According to the spokesperson for KS Publications, Inc, the publication is happy to promote the authors book, and excited that H.E.A.P.™ Charitable Foundation will be donation the profits for the homeowners’ cause.

Roccy DeFrancesco is said to be having a nationwide tour to promote his books, sign them, and give seminars on how homeowners can benefit from it.

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