CEA Grants $75k to Green Chips’ Clean Solar Energy

January 06, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

CEA of the Consumer Electronics Association granted an award worth $75,000 today, to Green Chips, a public/private partnership to support environmental sustainability initiatives in Southern Nevada for its clean solar energy. CEA presented the $75,000 check to the chairman of Green Chips and Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman.

CEA Grants $75k to Green Chips’ Clean Solar Energy

The CEO and president of CEA, Gary Shapiro said the grant shows the association’s commitment to sustainable products, and to overall sustainability within the Las Vegas area while launching its annual International CES.

The awarding ceremony was held in Las Vegas Convention Center, which is also the official site of International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, from January 6-9.

And, according to Goodman, CEA’s gift will allow Green Chips to carry out more audits and plan more sustainable products to create clean solar energy for buildings.

In the CES event, seven Vetrix electronic bikes at local LA Metropolitan Police Department were also unveiled, which are the results of last year’s $50,000 donation by CEA to the police department.

According to CEA spokesperson, Tim Doyle, the association chose Green Chips for its green local role and for promoting clean solar energy in Las Vegas.

CEA, Doyle said, is about contributing to local communities, and considered Green Chip’s s clean solar energy to be an exciting green program.

The $75,000 funding will also support Las Vegas women’s organization— The Shade Tree, which will be using Green Chip’s solar retrofit program and energy efficiency audit, as well as installing its clean solar energy panels.

The clean solar energy panels are expected to reduce about 10 percent of the organization’s energy cost.

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