Carpets: Makes Home More Energy- Efficient

January 25, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

In the recent economic climate, more and more people are doing everything they can to make their home energy- efficient to reduce power consumption and to save money on electric bills. Green homes help sustain the environment and save money, but investing on home appliances is not all in making a home more energy- efficient.

Carpets: Makes Home More Energy- Efficient

Recently, studies done at the Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Laboratory confirms that carpets and pads increase the measure of thermal resistance or the R-value compared to other flooring material used in an average home.

Most home owners do not realized that a home’s flooring can contribute to making ones home energy- efficient.

And, according to the study, unlike other floorings, carpets provides insulation, while installing it wall- to- wall can make homes cooler during summers and warmer on winters, which can lower home energy usage and costs.

Carpet’s R-value is higher than most flooring. It can keep the warmth form electric heaters within the home because it can resist heat transfer.

Researchers at the thermal laboratory tested carpets— with and without cushions, and compared it to three common flooring used in homes— engineered hardwood, ceramic tile, and laminate.

The results shows that carpets can insulate homes about 17 times better compared to hard surface products, which means that using carpets is more energy- efficient than using hardwood, laminates, and etc.

The California Energy Commission gives simple steps for home owners to keep homes more energy- efficient:

* Adjust home temperatures accordingly—it can save heating cost.

* Reducing hot water temperature can also lessen energy costs

* Get effective programmable thermostat—it helps makes a home more energy- efficient.

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