Britney Buys $20M Mega Mansion

February 18, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

The pop star, Britney Spears has been reported invested about $20 million on real estate — a Tudor-style mega mansion, just a few miles away from her current home. The mega mansion is said to be located in Hidden Hills, a gated development in Los Angeles County, California. Spears, 29, is said to be currently on Forbes mag’s women-in-entertainment list, had a good financial year, and decided to replace her $8.9 million pad for the luxurious mansion.

Britney Buys $20M Mega Mansion

Actor Nicholas Cage is the owner another famous Tudor-style mansion owner, but it was foreclosed by Citibank. Cage bought the property from another famous-previous owners — Tom Jones and Dean Martin. The property was sold for $10.5 million last November.

The Tudor-style mega mansion is reportedly has 10 bedrooms, extensive private gardens, 13 bathrooms with several hot tubs, a swimming pool, and a private tennis court.

A combination between old-Californian and old-English design, the mega mansion has a ballroom, and a “ballroom” type living area. The whole mansion’s features include high ceiling, a double grand staircase, and consists of large rooms, wood-tile floors, high end kitchens, and has one dome-ceilinged room.

It is also a child-friendly house. According to sources, it has a game arcade room with an air hockey table, arcade games, and a pinball machine for her sons.

The 20,000-square-foot mega mansion sat on three acres of space, which is enclosed in a gated and exclusively community with a grocery, Starbuck, and one restaurant, which are placed there to shield the rich homeowners from the public.

Famous would-be-neighbors if Britney Spears move-in in the mega mansion are the Osbournes, various reality family Kardashiansn, and Jennifer Lopez.

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