Boston’s “Greener” Green Homes Through Ultimate E+ Program

March 31, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A green building program — called the E+ or the Energy Positive Green Building Demonstration Program, is being launched in Boston, Massachusetts — a green program that aims to build 10 new green homes, which will generate more energy than they consume. According to a report, the city’s Redevelopment Authority has issued proposal requests for the development project, and for the sale of the green homes.

Boston’s “Greener” Green Homes Through Ultimate E+ Program

Launching another green environmental program, the city of Lancaster is also set to promote sustainability and energy efficiency by holding two workshops for homeowners and contractors — for the reduction of energy usage for the city’s ubiquitous row homes.

Back in Boston, City Mayor Thomas Menino announced the E+ program’s green homes are going to be constructed on three city-owned lands in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.

The E+ Green Building Demonstration Program, according to mayor Menino, aims to demonstrate that energy positive housing or green homes can be built cost-effectively and sustainable, while improving the livability of the city’s existing communities into the future.

According to the report, the 10 green homes would be very-efficient and can produce excess clean and renewable energy for the grid. However, the announcement from city officials doesn’t state specific type of clean energy technologies — companies can seek to develop more than one site, but have to submit separate plans for each site, which will be based on Boston’s Article 37 Green Building Zoning and the Green Affordable Housing Guidelines.

Submissions for the development of the green homes are due by May 31 this year, and will be reviewed on a competitive basis concerning modeled energy performance, green building outcomes, development team expertise, urban design, and capacity and development practicability.

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