BlackBerry Bold 9930 Shows There Is Still Life in RIM Yet

August 31, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Research in Motion (RIM) has been in something of a rut over the past few months, leading the BlackBerry maker to promise both investors and the general public that big changes are coming by way of next-generation super-phones that will use the same QNX-based OS that is currently used for the PlayBook tablet PC. The move is earmarked to be of landmark significance and once again see RIM reestablish its name as a worthy rival to the key industry players.

BlackBerry Bold 9930 Shows There Is Still Life in RIM Yet

In the meantime, RIM are pushing out an ever expanding series of BlackBerry devices using the BlackBerry 7 OS software, which is something of a modest update of its previous operating system. The question therefore is whether or not the new devices will be enough to keep the market warm while RIM gears up for their biggest change in strategy in recent years?

This will of course be decided in time by the public, but with the new BlackBerry Bold 9930 having recently been tested, it appears that RIM are still very much capable of building excellent hardware. The device is set to be a huge hit with current BlackBerry fans across the board, but will it really prove enough to sway floating voters away from the Android and iPhone camps?

History would suggest it unlikely, but then again we have been surprised before… Current buyers will be attracted to a brand or specs. While Blackberry has had a loyal following and still has, several studies have shown loyalty shifting away from the brand to alternatives like the iPhone.

While RIM is re-inventing its products, the company is also working to make the business changes necessary to survive the transition. Jobs have been cut and there is a huge focus on costs as well as the strategy needed to take the company back to first place. Good luck to those who try to do both.

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