Ashland Develops Incentive Program for Green Building Plans

December 24, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Green building plans in Ashland, a city in Jackson County, Oregon, could get discounts of fees and said to get approved faster compared to other traditional building plans, under the Ashland’s soon-to-be-created incentive program for the Planning Department.

Ashland Develops Incentive Program for Green Building Plans

Bill Molnar, Ashland’s community development director, said that the program’s planners will start working on the incentive program for green building plans in the city during the last week of January 2011.

According to him, the planner might suggest changes to some city codes beginning on springtime 2011, because there are still certain codes and provisions that needs to be revised, which could make a huge difference for the city.

Ashland City Council has requested the planning department to make the city codes green development friendly. The council’s plan is to create an incentive program for green building plans that is sustainable, environment-friendly, and supports the city’s transportation system.

Planners have not determined the incentives for green building plans, but the probable incentives the city would be offering are discounted fees, expedited processing, and a new building code that consent to installations of new green products and technologies, like rainwater-catchment systems and wind-turbine.

The planning department will look and see if the existing city codes do not limit people to try new green building plans and try new green technologies for home and building sustainability, as well as amending codes to make energy-sustainability construction easier.

City planners will also look at the existing Croman Mill planning process’ incentives developed by Ashland’s Planning Commission for the incentive program of green building plans.

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