Apple to Release iPhone 5 in October

August 23, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

According to the latest set of reports from within the industry, Apple are set to finally launch the iPhone 5 in the early stages of October. High level sources have apparently revealed that AT&T staff have been briefed about the upcoming launch by the carrier’s vice president. In the words of the report, the staff have been advised to prepare for a really busy time within the next 35 days.

Apple to Release iPhone 5 in October

Various rumors have been doing the rounds recently suggesting that a September iPhone 5 launch is indeed possible, though it now seems more likely that the fabled event next month will in fact materialize as a launch announcement, with the actual launch itself to follow in October. At this juncture however, Apple have not offered an update as to the status of the iPhone 5.

Exactly when the official launch is likely to come about may remain a mystery, but what cannot be overlooked is that Apple are running out of time to take a good degree of the spotlight for themselves. With the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Droid Bionic now both pegged for potential September releases, it would certainly seem in apple’s best interests to set their own ball rolling before floating voters jump ship toward the Android camp once and for all.

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