Apple iPhone 4S May Signal No iPhone 5 for 2011

September 30, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Despite a myriad of new and highly prized device doing the rounds, the rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 or perhaps the iPhone 4S continue at quite an alarming rate. In the latest instance, a well informed online resource has suggested that a device carrying the name of the iPhone 4S is officially listed within the inventory of Apple, which in some way suggest that there will be no iPhone 5 arriving at any time this year.

Apple iPhone 4S May Signal No iPhone 5 for 2011

Whether this proves to be true or not, the so-called iPhone 4S looks set to be unveiled to the world shortly with a release date pegged for October 4th.

According to supposed leaks and speculative reports across the board, the iPhone 4S will be something of a slightly modified version of the current iPhone 4, which is the most popular release of Apple to date.

This is of course just one of an army or rumors doing the rounds at the moment, with many others suggesting that the iPhone 4S will indeed be arriving, though alongside the iPhone 5 on the same date. Such would indeed hold water as a theory, as a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 along with an all new iPhone 5 would allow Apple to tap into both extremes of the market like they have never done before.

Either way, hopes are pegged on the upcoming Apple conference where it is hoped the cat will be let out of the bag after what seems to have been an eternity of waiting, though given their habit of throwing out curveballs left right and centre, it remains anybody’s guess at this stage.

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