Green Chicken – Another Fast Food Restaurant Turned Green

March 16, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A quick service restaurant chain that specializes in chicken menus — Chick-fil-A is now getting on the greener side of the food industry as its fast food restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, is seeking a LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification from the U.S Green Building Council. Located behind Montgomery Plaza, the fast food restaurant is recently testing its energy efficiency features and overall sustainability.

Green Chicken – Another Fast Food Restaurant Turned Green

Inline with the “greener” food industry, international coffee and coffeehouse chain, Starbuck is now on the “green” side too as the company take on the road to making its retail stores, eco-friendly, and is been working closely with the U.S Green Building Council to pre-certify all its new stores.

According to the operator and owner of the fast food restaurant, Bruce Slone, the fast foods chain is trying to learn how the things work and can be integrated in other stores — all sustainable and energy efficient practices.

Green features in the fast food restaurant include a 35,000-gallon container that collects storm water — for landscape irrigation, low-flow fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen, and energy efficient light system with light sensors.

Slone said that the company needs to integrate green initiatives, and to learn new things to contribute in the society. The fast food restaurant could save up to 14 percent on electric costs and 40 percent on water.

The city of Forth Worth is one of the cities in the country promoting sustainability. A few years back, the city founded the Sustainability Task Force to help promote energy efficiency in the area.

Currently, Forth Worth has about 14 LEED certified buildings, and the latest addition to the list would be the fast food restaurant, which will be opening on Thursday.

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