Amazon Launches Kindle Fire Tablet PC for Under $200

September 29, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

After what seemed to be an eternity of speculation and excitement across the world, Amazon has officially unveiled their new Kindle Fire which is set to take the tablet PC world by storm.

Amazon Launches Kindle Fire Tablet PC for Under $200

Sporting a display size of 7 inches, the Kindle Fire is approximately half the size of the market leading Apple iPad. Furthermore, with a price of just $199, it is also far less than half the price of the very cheapest iPad.

A device specific version of the Google Android OS is used to run the device, which has been tweaked to provide an exceptionally smooth and simple interface across the board. Owners of the Kindle Fire will be able to watch movies, scroll through popular magazines and access vast libraries through Amazon’s various servers.

According to Amazon, their aim and intention is to offer high end products at budget prices, stating that until now there has not been a single tablet PC manufacturer willing to make the effort to be competitive price-wise. The Kindle Fire has been dubbed as a service rather than a product, allowing access to over 10,000 games, e-mail options, shopping guides and many others.

During its first demonstration, the Kindle Fire does indeed appear to be a fully functional and lightning fast device, which at such a price may well prove to be the elusive Achilles Heel that Apple never saw coming.

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