November 14, 2011 / Samantha Bartolata, Editor in Chief



Everyone who preordered the Amazon Kindle Fire will be happy to hear it ships today
(November 14, 2011). That’s one day ahead of schedule. This new Kindle Fire tablet has a 7-
inch color touchscreen and the most up-to-date Google Android Operating System.

Powered by a 1GHz processor, it gives the user Wi-Fi support and access to the Amazon book
catalog. In addition, the owner has access to Instant Video and Netflix, plus Electronic Arts and
Pandora apps. The Kindle Fire also accesses MP3s. As for looks, the unit has a trim and graceful
design with a smooth lustrous surface.

At $199, the Kindle fire certainly compares favorably to the iPad, which has a starting price of
$499. Another contender enters the arena in a matter of days. The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet
is priced slightly higher ($249) than the Amazon Kindle Fire. Though the Nook has 16 GBs
as compared to the Kindle’s 8, the Kindle Fire owners can store content on Amazon’s cloud
servers, which obviates the need for that much storage.

Amazon now has a huge store of MP3 songs and albums. Games are also available. Kindle Fire
owners will pay just $79 a year for a membership to Amazon Prime. This gives them access to
streaming TV and movies.

Get ready for the hot rocket launch of the Kindle Fire and its immediate popularity. It has much
to make it an attractive choice. Besides, it has the lowest price of those hoping to claim having
placed the highest number of units under Christmas trees in 2011.


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