Amazon Kindle to Be Revealed As Early As September 28th

September 26, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Multiple reports from separate credible sources have suggested that the Amazon event to take place on September 28th will be the platform upon which the online giant launches its own campaign for tablet PC superiority – by way of the new Amazon Kindle Android-based tablet. According to some, the device is ready and waiting for launch, having been spotted numerous times across several locations.

Amazon Kindle to Be Revealed As Early As September 28th

Those in the know have stated that the new Amazon Kindle, which will in fact be its full title, will sport a 7 inch color screen and feature 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity, depending on the option chosen. The user interface will indeed be Android, but in the form of a tweaked and unique version solely for the Kindle itself.

Perhaps something of a gap-filler between the Nook Color and the Apple iPad, there is every possibility that the Amazon Kindle could change the state of play once and for all. While no official details have yet been released, expectations of a sublime user experience and vastly reduced price tag have generated massive hype anticipation for hat may prove to be the next big thing in the tablet world.

With regard to a timeframe, while the Kindle is not set to compete directly with the iPhone 5, it has been suggested that Amazon will be keen to avoid a clash with the iPhone 5 release date and may therefore introduce their new tablet as early at the beginning of October.

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