Amazon Kindle Fire – Not the IPad Killer Once Thought?

September 27, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Amazon’s upcoming entry to the tablet PC battlefield, supposedly named the Kindle Fire, is rumored to be based on the same overall design specifications as the BlackBerry PlayBook and to be built by the same manufacturers – only sporting a slower processor to allow for a much cheaper price tag.

Amazon Kindle Fire – Not the IPad Killer Once Thought?

According to the latest industry reports, the new Kindle Fire is in fact something of a rushed challenge to the Barnes & Noble Nook Color in time for the holiday season, rather than Apple’s iPad as originally thought. The report goes on to suggest that the template of the PlayBook was used for no other reason than to speed things along and bring the device to the market as quickly as possible. As such, it has been stated that Amazon were forced to make considerable sacrifices along the way, affecting overall performance.

Rather than a device of titanic proportions with a ‘too good to be true’ price tag, some commentators have already dubbed the Kindle Fire as nothing more than a ‘stopgap’ device to bring in extra interest from the Nook camp, while offering no real competition to any of the key tablet PC players.

Of course, the truth remains to be seen when the device makes it first appearance over the coming weeks, but if certain critical observers are to be believed, the chances of the first iPad-killer coming from Amazon are slim to none.

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