Airbag Maker Sells Manufacturing Facilities in Mesa

February 15, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Airbag producer is now reviving its efforts of selling its manufacturing facilities in Mesa, the East Valley section of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The manufacturing facilities owned by TRW Automotive are made up of 6 huge buildings, which sat on 375 acres of area space that is previously zoned for heavy-industrial facilities. The official of the company hired Tempe-based Commercial Properties Inc./CORFAC International to find prospective buyers of the manufacturing facilities.

Airbag Maker Sells Manufacturing Facilities in Mesa

Inline with recent activity in manufacturing industry in Phoenix, i/o Data Centers, a data services firm will open its new manufacturing company in the state. The firm is said to construct a 221,000-square-foot modular data centers at 402 N. 44th Ave.

Because of the economic decline, the Cleveland-based airbag producer has law off 3,100 workers. The company now has about 400 workers, a far cry from its previously bustling 3,500 employees for the past 15 years.

About six years ago, in 2005, the company has closed the other two of its manufacturing facilities in Mesa, which is said to be currently occupied by Nammo Talley Inc.

According to company information, the remaining TRW employees will not be affected if the manufacturing facilities are already sold. The company has already made a proposal for any prospective buyer that they will lease back two (currently occupied) of the six buildings.

The company decides to sell the facilities since 2007 but selling the property was hard during the peak of the recession. Tony Konarzewski, the company’s spokesperson said that the TRW is willing to sell just the other four buildings in the campus, or just lease it to other manufacturing companies.

TRW’s asking price for the entire manufacturing facilities — including the leasing deal, is $38 million.

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