After Razing 700 Plus Homes, Texas Wildfires 30pc Contained

September 07, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Firefighters have brought under control 30 percent of the days-long Texas wildfires that already took down more than 785 homes and sent nearly 5,000 people homeless.

After Razing 700 Plus Homes, Texas Wildfires 30pc Contained

The Texas wildfires that broke out on Sunday was quickly mitigated by reduced winds and cooler temperature, officials said.

Reuters reported that the fire consumed 34,000-acre (14,000-hectare) of Bastrop County Complex, which has forced about 5,000 people in the rural community to evacuate the area.

Firefighters have fortunately gained ground in over 30 percent of the affected area, with the number being expected to grow throughout Wednesday afternoon, said Mike Fisher, the county’s emergency management coordinator.

Meanwhile, the number is a bit larger compared to the containment of Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge fire in Southwest Oklahoma which is 60 percent controlled by firefighters. The Wichita Mountains wildfire has burned 38,921 acres and destroyed 11 homes, refuge spokesman Richard Hadley said.

“We’re feeling like we’re gaining enough control that we’re not going to lose a lot more acreage today,” Fisher said on Texas wildfire.

Fisher hoped his team will secure the parameter by Wednesday and prevent the Texas wildfires from getting any larger.

The Texas wildfires have killed two people and destroyed 785 homes, the biggest number claimed by single fire in the history of Texas which already recorded 200 fires in the last couple of weeks, according to the Texas Forest Service reported Wednesday morning.

The U.S. Forest Service has sent nearly 400 firefighters to the area, while the Federal Emergency Management Agency officials are on the ground assessing the damages, all coordinating their efforts.

So far, four people have died in Texas wildfires in the state since Labor Day weekend, including a mother and infant daughter who were killed in northeast Texas on Sunday, Reuters noted.

The news agency reported more than 1,000 homes destroyed by wildfire that swept the drought-stricken state in the last several days.

The Texas wildfires stretch 24 miles long (39 km) and 20 miles (32 km) wide at its widest point.

How to help the victims, the Washington Post provided some details:

Whether you are in Texas or thousands of miles away, you can help via Twitter using the hashtags #txfire, #txwildfire or #centraltxfires or you can see our full list, with help from local station KXAN below:


— To help the Red Cross, call 512-928-4271


— Give to the Austin Disaster Relief Network by calling the Public Hotline at 512-331-2200 or the Fire Victim Relief Hotline at 512-331-2600

— E-mail to donate supplies and relief.

— Give money to American Red Cross.

— E-mail or call 210-334-1708 to donate clothing or food to Faith Family Services in Hutto.

— Give to the Catholic Charities of Central Texas by calling (512) 651-6102.

Help cleanup

— Follow @ACFellowship to learn how you can help clean up. You’ll need large trash bags, work gloves, bottled water, nonperishable snacks and toiletries.

Help animals

— Follow @austinpetsalive to find out to help with displaced pets, e-mail, or call at 512-961-6433

— Visit the animal shelter at the dog park, across from the Bastrop Police Department or call 512-629-3159

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