Affordable Home Projects Break Ground for Veterans

February 10, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

For-rent affordable home projects in Northern Michigan, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, which is said to be a transitional home for homeless veterans, is funded by Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati and Huntington Bank. About 290 affordable home units will be developed in about 5 affordable home projects for the veterans. In Iowa, City council members are putting together a housing model to determine where and how an affordable housing project, which is funded by the city, can be built.

Affordable Home Projects Break Ground for Veterans

The council is implementing hard-and-fast policy in approving the affordable housing project’s location in the city.

Huntington Bank received about $3 million from FHLB Cincinnati to support the operation and construction costs worth $5 million for the affordable housing projects, which is said to break ground this year.

The total cost for the 5 affordable home projects, according to a press release, is $11 million. The remaining balance is going to be shouldered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The CEO and president of Huntington, Steve Steinour said, the American veterans contributed a lot for the country, and the company wants to support them by helping to complete a quality and affordable home projects.

The 5 affordable home projects include the St. Clair Veterans Housing in Cleveland, Columbus Veterans Transitional Housing Project in Columbus, Veterans Housing Program in Detroit, Goodwill Transitional Housing Community in Gaylord, Michigan, and the Veteran Center in Cincinnati.

Besides the affordable home projects, Huntington Bank also donated $3+ million for a housing project for the disabled and homeless veterans in Livingston Columbus.

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3 Responses to “Affordable Home Projects Break Ground for Veterans”

  1. August says:

    These places ARE NOT HOUSING!

    They are PRISON-LIKE mandatory 12-Step AA/NA Religious Cult insane asylums; where the veterans are THREATENED DAILY that they are “ONE BROKEN RULE AWAY FROM BEING THROWN BACK TO THE STREETS”.

  2. Gy Berg says:

    Holly Cow. They are reinventing the Ghetto’s for Veterans. Dumb politicians still don’t get it. Fund the frickin’ programs, to build new homes and communities for Veterans. Don’t outcast them and put them in run down, old, unliveable area’s, treat them like they would like to be treated. Re-inventing Concentration camps and Ghetto’s is not the solution. They will build bigger walls from the rest of the public and isolate Veterans even more. Who is in charge of this crap???? Must be people who have jobs, have medical, dental, retirement, and frickin home and family,,,right! How silly of me to think otherwise.

    Support the Veterans
    They are the ones who give Americans their freedoms, not the Politicians.
    Gy Berg

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