A Green Makeover for the Federal Office Building

March 02, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The office building of several federal agencies in Denver, Colorado, is now undergoing a full “green” makeover to make it more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Funding for the office building’s renovation is made possible by the Recovery Act, in which, the United States General Services Administration is given about $4 billion dollars. Under the Recovery Act, federal offices buildings are entitled for a green makeover — making them into “high-performance green facilities”.

A Green Makeover for the Federal Office Building

Recently, the United States Green Building Council has recognized the city of Denver in excelling in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design for its green building development. Currently, Denver has about 30 LEED certified buildings.

Federal offices in the Denver office building include the Department of Education, Government Accountability Office, Department of Agriculture, Social Security Administration, and the 290 Internal Revenue Service.

Employees of those federal agencies in the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Building, the office building, are soon to experience the benefits of working in an energy-efficient building.

About $34 million will be allocated for the transformation of the office building.

According to the General Services Administration, the office building will be having curtain wall system of aluminum-and-glass, which is said to reduce or lessen the building’s energy usage by 30 percent, can protect against blast, and improve indoor light quality.

The building will also have solar panels that would generate 110 kilowatt hours of energy, which is enough to offset about 5 percent of its energy needs. A LEED certification is expected upon the completion of the office building’s green makeover by November 2012.

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