9/11 Firefighters’ Possible Cancer Risk May Be Managed by GE Healthcare’s PET/CT+MR

September 02, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Amid reports that 9/11 firefighters who inhaled toxic dust and smoke from the rubble of New York’s World Trade Center face 19 percent higher risk of getting cancer of all kinds, GE Healthcare has released the PET/CT +MR technology which holds promise in management of cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiac diseases.

9/11 Firefighters’ Possible Cancer Risk May Be Managed by GE Healthcare’s PET/CT+MR

Dr. David Prezant of the Fire Department of the City of New York said a study showed an increase in cancer among 9/11 firefighters. Reuters reported that the study is a pioneer in looking at cancer rates among the all of the exposed firefighters. The findings, accordingly, may help pave the way for federal health benefits for rescue workers now suffering from cancer nearly a decade after the attacks.

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) has selected GE Healthcare’s tri-modality imaging solution—PET/CT+MR that can enhance the ability of physicians to manage certain diseases, including cancer.

Dr. Walton Li, Medical Superintendent of HKSH, emphasized the hospital’s commitment to medical research in the interest of patients and to advance treatment.

“HKSH is not only a hospital that serves patients, but one that is committed to research and to the advancement of medical technology,” explained Li.

“The future of PET/CT imaging is in therapy monitoring. Rather than just imaging the patient at the beginning and end of a chemotherapy treatment, physicians may be monitoring patients more frequently to determine how well the treatment is working—whether the tumor trends are going down or up,” GE Healthcare said.

“The combination of superb soft tissue contrast of MR (magnetic resonance), the metabolic insight of PET (positron emission tomography) and the precise anatomical reference of CT (computed tomography), enabled by a patient transport system and image fusion, may hold promise for managing patient care.”

Terri Bresenham, vice president and general manager Molecular Imaging GE Healthcare. “Our approach to PET/CT+MR is to harness the power of two proven technologies to provide researchers the superb quality clinical information they expect. At the same time, this fiscally responsible system allows a long lifecycle and efficient use of high value assets for routine standalone clinical exams.”

GE Healthcare’s PET/CT + MR system consists of two scanning devices, a mobile patient system and the latest image registration application running on the company’s Advantage Workstation, allowing a patient to be moved from one device (PET/CT) to the other device (MR) without changing positions on the table.

GE Healthcare’s PET/CT+ MR technology is designed to accurately capture images and correlate information from PET, CT and MRI imaging technologies.

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