20 Residential Properties in Yakima County Consumed by Wildfire

February 14, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A wildfire destroyed about 20 residential properties on Yakima Indian Reservation in Yakima County, Washington — just southeast of Seattle. Many firefighters battled the blazing fire that consumed the residential properties, which is fueled by strong gust of wind — about 70 miles an hour, according to a report. In San Diego, California, one of the many residential properties in the area was also consumed by fire yesterday, but it was quickly extinguished.

20 Residential Properties in Yakima County Consumed by Wildfire

The fire at a two-storey condominium complex at Margerum Avenue in San Diego was reported around noontime, but it was quickly extinguished by a single fire truck in just 10 minutes. According to San Diego Fire Department, investigators are still finding what caused the fire.

The fire in Yakima Indian Reservation forced about 300 residents from their residential properties, but they were only allowed to return after the fire was extinguished, at noontime, Sunday.

According to the fire department in Yakima County, the residents take shelter at the Harrah Elementary School, Toppenish Longhouse, and the Toppenish Community Center, while the fire were still blazing.

The fire consumed 20 residential properties, damaged the post office, and about four private buildings.

Allen Walker, the Deputy Fire Chief in the area said it would take a couple of days until the remaining “hot spot”, not including the residential properties, would be extinguished totally.

A wood-chipping plant — Jeld-Wen, which is full of stocked logs, is said to be a hot spot in the area.

Approximately 90 firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire, but two firefighters sustained minor injuries, said Dave Martin, Yakima County Fire Department Captain.

The blaze started last Saturday, which also consumed trees and major power lines in the area, besides the residential properties — the fire department allowed residents back in the area at noontime Sunday.

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