18 MW Solar Parks to Power Up 4300 Homes in Bradenburg

June 01, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Two solar parks will supply the energy needs of more 4,300 homes in Brandenburg as Phoenix Solar AG has rolled out renewable energy plans in partnership with KGAL GmbH & Co. KG.

18 MW Solar Parks to Power Up 4300 Homes in Bradenburg

The solar parks are said to be capable of generating 18 megawatts, sourced from its former military air base location in Jocksdorf and Preschen in Germany.

The solar parks can save around 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

During the inauguration ceremony, Brandenburg’s Environment Minister Anita Tack noted that “Brandenburg is already sourcing 15.6 percent of its primary energy requirements from renewable energies,” bringing annual savings on CO2 to almost 10 million tons.

Tack said the renewable energy expansion is important because Brandenburg is viewed as a model for policies on energy and climate protection.

According to Tack, Brandengurg has attracted entrepreneurs, investors and scientists to “translate their ideas into reality.”

Currently, there are 12,000 jobs opened by different industries where 3,000 are related to the photovoltaic industry.

The other guests to the ceremony, including District Administrator Harald Altekrüger, Eberhard Müller, Mayor Klaus Wolf of KGAL and Ralph Schneider of Phoenix Solar AG, shared insights into the development, construction, expected electricity yields and the significance of the solar parks project.

In building the solar parks, Phoenix Solar will first remove the remains of munition in the converted 60-hectare military site.

Ralph Schneider, Executive Vice President of Solar Energy Investments at Phoenix Solar, said his company is proud of having converted the site into a nest for sustainable use for Brandenburg.

Schneider assured of a continued renewable energy works in the region to contribute to climate protection.

The solar parks that have been taken into operation last year, are expected to last for 20 years, after which operating lives the site will be converted into urban development use.

What makes the Jocksdorf (completed in 22 weeks) and Preschen (completed in 12 weeks) solar power plant locations ideal for the solar parks is the irradiation with annual average 1,050 kilowatt hours per square meter.

The solar parks are partitioned by a runway that spans three kilometers long, thus belonging to various neighboring municipalities.

For the first quarter, Phoenix Solar AG posted a 1.76 euros loss per share, compared to earnings per share of 0.42 euros in the same period last year, after tax of 12.9 million euros against consolidated profit of 2.8 million euros last year.

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