13 Commercial and 5 Residential Properties to Sell on Ohio Auction

October 22, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Approximately 13 commercial and 5 residential properties situated in Ohio are open for sale on Saturday, Nov. 6 and on Tuesday, Nov. 9. The commercial and residential properties will be on-sale in a multi-property and two-day auction, and it will be performed by Peter Gehres and Richard Kruse with Ohio-based Gryphon Realty & Auction Group.

13 Commercial and 5 Residential Properties to Sell on Ohio Auction

The company president, Richard Kruse said that the multi-property auction format is now quite popular and they have several successes in various parts of the nation. He also said that sellers of most commercial and residential properties like it because it can give them thousands worth of exposure at a low fee.

According to Kruse, most buyers also like the idea they can have lots of opportunities buy and chose from the commercial and residential properties on the list, and it can also be very interesting to potential investors.

With the auction, the company is presenting an extra convenience to online bidders, so that potential consumers can partake in the auction in the comfort of their home and even office.

On the November 6 auction, 5 residential properties are to be auctioned, and it will be sold at on-locations. The residential properties will be put up for sale despite of the closing-price and with no reserves.

The 13 commercial properties will be offered in the auction on November 9 in Union, Madison, and Franklin counties. The properties on the list consists of car washes, office warehouse, small office, commercial land and apartments—most are from receivership and bankruptcy cases.

In addition for their on-location bidding, there are also on-line bidding for the commercial and residential properties that are on the company’s list.

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